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Black Friday At Big Box Stores, But Not Small Businesses

O'Child Children's Boutique does only a few discounts for Black Friday.

Photo: Jashin Lin / WFIU

The owner of O'Child Children's Boutique only does a few discounts for Black Friday.

As consumers across the nation lined up for Black Friday discounts at big box stores, it was business as usual for many small, independent retailers.

The Briar & The Burley owner Mike Fisher didn’t put up any sale advertisements at his shop in downtown Bloomington.

“I just don’t think it’s worth it,” says Fisher. “I carry a little different line of merchandise, a little higher end, that sort of thing. I’m not selling flatscreen TVs. I think most of our customers realize we’re just not that type of store.”

Fisher says that with his specialties – cigars, leather goods and car accessories – he doesn’t need to get rid of seasonal merchandise the way bigger stores do.

Nancy Bradley, owner of O’Child Children’s Boutique, did offer a few special sales and a swag bag for Black Friday. But she says that was more to reward regular customers than to entice new ones.

“The biggest way we can compete is just through our customer service. You know, and just by providing quality,” says Bradley. “A dress here might – you’re not going to find it anywhere, you’re not going to find it at big box stores.”

Bradley says she’s waiting for Small Business Saturday – a post-Black Friday deal day created by American Express – for the real rush in customers.

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