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Bill Requires Premarital Class or Higher Marriage Fees


Photo: Grand Velas Riviera (Flickr)

Couples would face higher marriage license fees if they don't seek premarital counseling under a bill being considered at the statehouse.

A bill being considered at the statehouse would increase marriage fees if couples do not complete a premarital class.  Republican Representative Cindy Noe has proposed a bill that will require all couples wanting to get married to take a premarital class or face large marriage license fees.  Representative Noe’s Press Secretary Nicholas Goodwin says Noe believes that by taking classes couples will have a better understanding of the challenges of marriage, be better prepared, and less likely to get divorced.

“Representative Noe thinks it’s important to try and strengthen the bond of families and the cost of the state for divorces would be limited by taking this preemptive step,”  said Goodwin.

Noe says the bill would help lower the divorce rate and keep families together.  The bill is currently in committee.

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