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Bill Will Require Superintendent Contracts To Be Made Public


Photo: Dan Goldblatt/WFIU News

A bipartisan bill reconciles how much information is released to the public before a contract is signed.

Legislators are one step closer to passing a bipartisan bill that will make Indiana superintendent contracts public record. Under new language. the new law won’t force school systems to reveal their candidate’s identities before a contract is signed.

The new law is in response to a contract at Wayne Township Schools that provided the outgoing superintendent with more than a million dollars in first year retirement benefits. Much of the compensation was in fringe benefits, so the public did not see the amount accurately reflected in his yearly negotiated salary.

The new bill says all new superintendent contracts must be made public for one week before they are signed.

Gary Democratic Representative Vernon Smith says the new language of the bill protects potential job candidates from having too much public information released.

“What we now have is the conditions of the contract will become transparent, will be revealed a week ahead of time before signing the contract, but the name will be withheld,” he says.

The bill is currently in conference committee, where the differences between the house and senate versions are being resolved.

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