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Bill Clinton Speaks On Inequality At DePauw University

Former President Bill Clinton spoke to a packed gym at DePauw University in Greencastle on Friday, emphasizing the need to alleviate poverty in countries like Vietnam and Haiti.

Clinton painted a picture of a world where the current problems of inequality and economic instability are limited by a new generation of ideas and people who are working for the common good.

“I want a world of shared opportunities, shared prosperity and shared responsibilities,” he said.

He says all this is possible if students like those at DePauw will be innovative and try to move the world forward.

“My central message to the students today is this: you need to decide what you want the world to look like when the next generation of students graduates from DePauw,” Clinton said.

Clinton made no push for Democratic candidates in his speech but he did meet with donors earlier in the day to raise money for Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg.

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