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Bill Would Change Requirements For Charter School Teachers


The Indiana General Assembly continues its push towards sweeping education reform.

The Senate moved forward on a bill Monday that would change licensing requirements for teachers in charter schools.

As the General Assembly continues its push towards sweeping education reform, the Senate Monday took action on a bill that would require only 50 percent of a charter school’s teaching staff to be licensed. And that amount could be lower if the charter school successfully petitions. Terre Haute Senator Tim Skinner said the bill is not fair to public school teachers.

“This sets a completely different standard for charter schools. Either teaching degrees and licenses are a good thing or they’re not.”

But the bill’s sponsor, Auburn Senator Dennis Kruse said the state of education in Indiana requires out-of-the-box thinking.

“I think one of the initial purposes of a charter school is to try different, innovative things and to try something different that we’re not doing in the public schools.”

The bill will be heard for final passage later this week.

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