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Bedford Teenager Attending World Cup Tournament

As soccer fans all over the world gather to watch the World Cup Tournament in Johannesburg, Africa, a Bedford teen is on his way there in what is to be the trip of a lifetime.

Bedford teenager Benjamin Newsome went up against all odds and is going to do something most soccer fans could only dream of. “I’m going to South Africa, Johannesburg. Mom told me about the contest and I entered. It’s very exciting because I won a contest.”

Benjamin, who won the trip through Best Buy’s “@15 Program,” will be traveling with 15 other teens to participate in a very exclusive soccer camp.

“The soccer camp is a very fundamental soccer camp that teaches you the basic rules,” said Benjamin. “Kids from all around the world. I love playing soccer. I started when I was about five, six. The freedom you have when you’re playing it. You don’t have to go by plays, you can just go by whatever you think is best. The World Cup is the biggest thing.”

Besides getting to participate in a soccer camp, Benjamin will also get to attend a World Cup match between South Africa and Uruguay and go on a South African Safari.

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