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Bedford GM Plant: Negotiations Lead to Future Employment

The General Motors plant in Bedford hosted an open house on-site Thursday. New renovations and a negotiated union contract helped to keep the plant in business and one of the largest employers in Bedford.

Officials say the 300 million-dollars invested into the GM plant in Bedford will make them more competitive. UAW 440 Shop Chairman, Jack Woods says the funds improved the robotics and automation.

“I definitely supported the contract, if you take a look at the economic times and what the company and union have been through,” Woods said. Both agencies had to work together to survive the automobile turmoil.

More than 400 plant employees build components for six and eight cylinder parts for transmissions and engines. Bedford GM Plant Manager, Eric Gonzales, is pleased with the work and wants the company to keep growing.

“We make the majority of transmission cases and converters for the north American content in vehicles,” he said.

“When you’re looking at fuel efficiency for the most part the vehicles that are produced in North America have components that are produced in Bedford that go into those vehicles,” Gonzales said.

Woods adds within the next two years the plant will add between 150 to 170 production jobs.

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