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Bedbugs Confirmed at Two More Bloomington Locations

Bedbugs have been confirmed at two more locations in Bloomington. Over the weekend bugs were found in two patient rooms at Bloomington Hospital. Then last week students found one of the pests at Bloomington High School North.

A couple Bloomington North students found this bug crawling across a desk in their science classroom on Thursday. MCCSC Planning Director John Carter said it doesn’t point to an infestation at the schools, but rather to a larger community problem.

“My thinking right now is students are bringing them in and they’re not really staying in our building. They’re going back home with them or they’re finding one and that may be it. We’ll continue to do that monitoring but where they live and where they exist is in people’s homes.”

The schools do consistently monitor for the bugs, but Carter says they’ve never found anything. He said that’s because schools don’t make good homes for the pests.

“What they’re looking for is a blood meal so they want us. And typically they feed at night and there’s no one in our buildings at that time of night,” said Carter.

Even so, Carter said the district will continue to monitor for the pests. With the exception of one case, all of the instances of bed bugs being found at schools have involved no more than one bug coming into the building on a student.

The case over the weekend at Bloomington Hospital was similar. The bugs were contained to two patient rooms and a spokesperson for the hospital said they know the source and are not worried about an infestation.

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