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As Baseball Season Ends, Players Bid Sembower Field Farewell

Indiana University’s baseball team played its final home game at Sembower Field on Saturday.  WTIU/WFIU’s Shameka Neely reports on the upscale facility in the works for next season and on the future of the Hoosiers’ former home.

As IU players practiced bunting and pitching Monday in advance of the Big Ten tournament, assistant athletics director Chuck Crabb says it was a chance for them to offer a final farewell to more than 50 year old Sembower Field.

“They were excited obviously because they know what’s on the horizon come the spring of 2013 when we move into Bart Kaufeman field,” Crabb says. “Sembower has been a very loving home if you will, it’s as great location. It’s right in the middle of three dormitory complexes and Greek housing very nearby.”

The new space will include office suites, batting cages, a clubhouse and locker rooms – at a price tag of near 20 million dollars. Construction Administration Director Tom Williams says the new stadium has been in the works for the several years.

“We’re probably going to use a conventional masonry,” Williams says. “Instead of just the normal limestone that we use with our costs, we’re trying to keep those costs down, it’ll look like a lot of those building out here, if you’ve noticed like the north end zone.”

While Sembower Field was in the middle of campus, the new stadium will reside on near the State Road 45/46 bypass, north of Memorial Stadium. Crabb says intramural sports will most likely use the Sembower facilities for now, and later the University hopes to use the space for additional campus living.

“The model shows that it may be some residential area. living, learning areas, very much in the way the University’s trying to have classrooms, seminar areas, with housing units now around the campus,” Crabb says.

Kaufeman Field is slated to open on March 15 of next year.

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