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Bartholomew County School Staff To Get New Medical Services

Central Middle School, Columbus, Indiana

Photo: Flickr/army.arch *Adam*

About 2,500 employees and their family members will qualify for the new medical services.

Bartholomew County School employees are getting new medical services from Columbus Regional Health next month.

Bartholomew County’s Consolidated School Corporation currently has a clinic where IU Health manages operations and Columbus Regional Health provides the physicians. But both operations and physicians will be provided by Columbus Regional Health starting July 15.

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation Superintendent John Quick says there are a few reasons for the change.

“One is we wanted terrific service for 2,500 folks that have the health care. We are self-insured and we are also looking at the dollar figures and ways to manage this better and we feel this accomplishes both of those goals,” says Quick.

In addition, Columbus Regional Health is trying to provide more services for the Bartholomew County school employees says the hospital’s Vice President Kurt Ellis.

“In addition to the primary care, lab services and prescriptions that have been available in the past, we are going to build in additional services such as preventative care activities. Those can be described as health risks assessment which helps someone determine if they have a risk of becoming diabetic or have some other disease, so that’s one new element,” says Ellis.

Ellis says the clinic also plans to add wellness activities such as counseling and coaching to keep employees and family members healthy.

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