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Bartholomew County Committee To Review CAFO Requirements

pig farm

Photo: Carl Jones (Flickr)

The committee is considering the requirements for concentrated feeding operations such as large hog farms.

Bartholomew County is forming a committee to evaluate its current ordinance that regulates concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs.

In the past, residents raised concerns about manure runoff from the farm possibly contaminating groundwater sources. At public meetings, they also expressed worry about water overuse, how new a new CAFO would smell, and a possible decline in property values.

Bartholomew County commissioner Richard Flohr says the new committee will determine whether the existing ordinance is adequate and whether it needs to be modified.

Current land use standards set a minimum size for a farm with a concentrated animal feeding operation, and regulate how far the operation must be from surrounding properties.

Flohr says the committee would seek a balance between residents and business owners interests.

“We are interested in the property owners, protecting the rights of the property owners, but by the same token, we don’t want to make it impossible for someone to do business in our county.”

Flohr says he expects people from the farming community, people concerned about the environment, and rural residents to serve on the new committee.

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