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Bartholomew County Approves Prescription Benefit Card

prescription drugs

Photo: Chris Potter (flickr)

Prescription drugs can be costly, especially without insurance. Bartholomew County commissioners say the prescription drug benefits card will cus down on those costs.

Bartholomew County plans to make free prescription drug benefit cards available to country residents.

The program is offered by the National Association of County Officials and Bartholomew County commissioners approved the plan this week.

The card will give buyers a 22 percent discount on prescription purchases and for every purchase, a one dollar reimbursement fee goes back to the county government.

Bartholomew County Commissioner Jim Lienhoop says the commissioners asked that the fee be waived but the national program would not make an exception.

“We were hoping to just be able to help residents and tax payers and it’s a contribution by county government to help them, but the way the program set up is the way it’s gonna work.” Lienhoop says.

The card does not work with all prescriptions, but Lienhoop says it should still help people who do not have health insurance.

Monroe County began a similar program in 2011.  Monroe County Assessor Judy Sharp says about 1,000 people in the county still use the program, although the number of participants has declined in recent months.

“Now with all the other discount cards out there, anybody has their own drug card, all of your big box store already have their own, so there’s less use of ours.” Sharp says.

Bartholomew County plans to begin the program within the next four to six weeks. The cards will be available through local health department.

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