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Backers Say Polls Show Support For Single-Class Basketball


Photo: Judy van der Velden (Flickr)

Though the results are preliminary, those pushing for a single state basketball tournament say the majority of parents side with them.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association and state senator Mike Delph are holding public meetings around the state to discuss the issue of single-class basketball.  And early results purport to show people in favor of going back to the single-class tournament.

Carmel Republican Senator Mike Delph released the results of a phone survey Thursday asking for people’s opinions on single class basketball.  The poll of 500 Hoosier adults shows that 52 percent favor a return to single-class basketball, while 31 percent don’t and 17 are undecided.

The IHSAA is also conducting straw polls at each public meeting on the issue.  Delph says, through eight of 11 scheduled meetings, the results are roughly in line with the phone survey.

“About 63 percent of those that come and cast votes support going back to a single-class basketball tournament and roughly 37 support the status quo, or multi-class system,” he says.

IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox has said repeatedly that the school principals that make up the IHSAA are overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the multi-class system, but Delph says Cox assured him that if the public was largely in favor of single-class basketball, Cox would encourage his members to follow public opinion.

A report on the results of all the meetings, as well as surveys of high school basketball coaches and players, is expected early next month.

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