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Auditors: More On-Time Tax Bills Show Economic Hope


Photo: Regan McCarthy/Indiana Public Media

An assessor examines a piece of property in Monroe County.

Property owners who miss three straight tax payments risk losing their property at auction if the county calls a tax sale. Most counties hold one every year, though there have been interruptions.

Saint Joseph County tax sales manager Wendie House says her county resumed the sales last year after putting them on hold because of a billing calendar scrambled by reassessments. Posey County Auditor Nick Wildeman says there were more than 200 properties in last year’s tax sale, the first in a few years, but the figure dropped off this year to 88.

“We‘re a county of around 30,000 parcels, and only 88 went on the sale, so it was a pretty efficient year,” Wildeman says.

County auditors across the state say they put fewer properties up for sale this year. The tax caps imposed in 2009 get partial credit, but auditors also suggest it is a glimmer of improvement in the economy.

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