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Attorney: Stage Collapse Lawsuits Won’t Be Heard For Years

stage collapse

Photo: Rich Evers (Flickr)

A stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair Saturday prior to a performance by the country music duo Sugarland.

An Indianapolis attorney says legal procedures and research into the Indiana State Fair stage collapse mean lawsuits probably won‘t be heard in court for two years. Attorney Irwin Levin says case discovery and Marion Superior Court Judge Theodore Sosin are demanding fairness and integrity.

“I‘m not suggesting there hasn‘t been cooperation with some defendants at some time, but overall the case, Judge Sosin is a great judge and I‘m sure he‘s moving it as quickly as he can under the circumstances he‘s faced with,” says Levin. 

Levin is formerly an attorney in a class action suit which he says dissolved after two clients settled. Levin says the plaintiffs and working hard to assemble air tight cases while he believes those who being sued are slowing down the process. It‘s believed the cases may not likely go before the judge until mid 2014.

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