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Attorney Doesn’t Expect More State Fair Stage Collapse Suits

stage collapse

Photo: Rich Evers (Flickr)

A stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair in 2011, killing seven people and injuring scores of others.

Tuesday marks the second anniversary of the State Fair stage collapse, and a tangle of lawsuits continue to work their way through the courts system.

The collapse killed seven people and injured dozens of others. More than 50 people have already filed suit against a broad range of defendants.

Valparaiso attorney Kenneth J. Allen represents several victims. He says he does not expect there will be any additional suits filed before Tuesday’s deadline.

“We are, I believe, at a point in which everybody who can be sued has been sued, and now time it’s try to get it ready for trial,” says Allen.

Indiana law limits the state’s liability to $5 million, but legislators approved a one-time exception, more than doubling the cap to $11 million because of the large number of victims.

Still, Allen says there are still other legal issues to sort out. He’s filed a lawsuit to allow the same-sex partners of two women killed in the collapse to sue for wrongful death.

Allen also wants to challenge Indiana’s “nonparty defense” statute, which allows defendants in a lawsuit to say someone else is at fault. Allen says victims should be able to collect first, then defendants can slug it out separately to apportion blame.

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