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Assembly Hall Plans Presented To Trustees

Indiana University Trustees were briefed Thursday on the options for renovating Assembly Hall. Architect Jim Edson of Kansas City Firm HOK Sports presented three ways the 35-year-old basketball stadium could be made more fan-friendly.  The options include expanded sideline and behind-basket seating, the addition of club and suite levels, and the removal of the balcony section.

The possible renovations range in cost from $6.5 to 35 million. However, they could also be combined for a cost of up to $73 million. That would be in addition to at least $42 million of necessary facility improvements. Despite the many possibilities offered, trustee Tom Reilly Jr. told Edson that none solved the fundamental problem that many of Assembly Hall’s seats are simply not suitable for watching basketball. IU Vice President and CFO Terry Clapacs says the proposed plans would improve the overall experience of basketball fans, but that the building is unsatisfactory and will eventually need to be replaced entirely.

Clapacs says the decision to either move ahead with the presented renovation or go in a different direction will be made at the next Board of Trustees meeting in June. He adds any decision will be based largely on the funding available.

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