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Armored Truck Loses Bricks of Money

twenty dollar bills

Photo: Courtesy: Flickr, AComment

An armored truck dropped a couple bundles of money Wednesday morning while driving in Downtown Indianapolis.

Three bricks of money fell from an armored truck into traffic this morning in Downtown Indianapolis.  Dozens of people immediately rushed to begin picking up handfuls of 20-dollar bills.  Witnesses say there may have been three to six million dollars in the bundles.  Martinsville resident Tim Wentworth says he thought it was play money at first.

“And I said I’ll move it on out of the way…and the more I looked at it I said, this is real money,”  Wentworth said.  “And then all of the sudden everybody started seeing it and they started grabbing money left and right.”

Wentworth says he and his wife didn’t even consider joining those who were taking the money.  Eventually, the armored truck returned to the scene and the money was loaded into a handcart and stashed away in the truck.

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