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New Area Code Overlay Won’t Affect Long-Distance Rates

The new area code is being created because 812 numbers are running out.

State officials say customers with a 812 telephone number don’t have to worry about paying a long-distance fee to call someone nearby once the state implements a new area code in South Central Indiana.

The 930 area code is being added through the “overlay” method, which means the code will be added to or superimposed over the entire 812 region. But that won’t affect what calls are considered long-distance.

“If it’s a local call now, it will be a local call after the transition,” says Anthony Swinger, a spokesman for the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, a state agency that represents utility customers.

Swinger says a whether a call is considered long-distance is determined by the physical distance between the two callers, not on the specific codes in their telephone numbers. That distance depends on the customer’s city and phone provider.

“Whether it has the original 812 area code or the new 930 code, it will still be a local call, no long distance fees if it’s there in your local calling area” he says.

Customers generally should be able to tell which calls are long-distance based on whether they have to dial 1+ at the beginning of a call. If they are required to dial 1+, it is long-distance. If they only are required to dial ten digits, it should be a local call.

However, Swinger encourages residents to check with their local phone company for confirmation.

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