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Applications Increasing For Early College Scholarship


Photo: 401K 2012 (Flickr)

The state may award more money this year to students graduating high school after just three years.

A scholarship program encouraging high school students to graduate high school in three years appears to be growing in popularity.

Students who apply for the Indiana Commission For Higher Education’s Early Graduation Scholarship get $4,000 to attend college, as long as they have all the credits they need to leave high school after their junior year.

High Education Commission Spokesperson Amanda Stanley says there are two main components her department checks for – one regarding the student’s former high school and one regarding their college choice.

“We verify with the department of education that the student did in fact graduate and is not still being included in the court for their high school and then assuming they‘ve met the requirements to graduate and are attending an eligible Indiana institution, they‘re eligible for the scholarship,” Stanley says.

The scholarship forms must be mailed to the commission by September 4.  Each student can receive just one scholarship, but the state has not capped the number of students who can receive one.

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