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Appeals For Homestead Tax Credit Deductions Still Possible

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Photo: Eric Allix Rogers (Flickr)

Homestead Tax Credit Deductions was a three year project and is ending this year.

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance is sending out warning to Indiana homeowners.

County auditors are getting ready to send out  property tax bills and if homeowners did not send in pink Homestead Verification Forms for the Homestead Tax Credit deduction by last Jan. 1, they may not remain eligible for the deduction.

In short, homeowners could see their property tax bills jump significantly. DLGF Spokesperson Jenny Banks says different county auditors work differently, but most homeowners should contact their auditor immediately if they have not sent in the verification form or if they simply want to double check.

Banks says the Homestead Verification Form was sent out to homeowners months ago. She adds that homeowners can still get the deduction reinstated if they can prove that they‘re eligible.

“If the auditor does terminate a deduction because a taxpayer claiming the deduction did not provide a timely and valid form before that January 1, 2013 date, the auditor may reinstate the deduction if the taxpayer can provide proof that he or she is eligible for the deduction,” Banks says.

She also says homeowners who get tax bills can follow up and appeal if needed.

Banks says it was only a three year project which is ending this year. She says deductions will continue next year, but the verification program itself is ending after this year.

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