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Appeal Filed On Senator Richard Lugar’s Residency

Richard Lugar

Photo: Robert D. Ward (Wikipedia Commons)

The Indiana Election Commission denied a challenge to Senator Richard Lugar’s residency, but some are now challenging that decision.

A group unhappy with the Indiana Election Commission’s denial of a challenge to Senator Richard Lugar’s residency and qualification to run for reelection has filed an appeal of that decision.

The Election Commission ruled unanimously against a challenge to Senator Lugar’s candidacy. And three state attorneys general over the years have written letters at the request of Lugar supporting his eligibility to run. Greg Zoeller is the most recent and says Lugar has correctly followed the advice of past attorneys general, adding he thinks the state’s senior Senator is on firm legal ground.

“The legal questions have been asked and answered and anything else you here that raises questions aren’t really legal questions so much as just political questions,” he says.

But attorney Eric Bohnet disagrees. Bohnet represents the group of voters who filed the appeal and says there is case law to support the argument that Lugar is not qualified to run, though he admits there’s not much. But whether the appeal is successful or not, Bohnet says it is key that the final decision be made as soon as possible.

“The important thing is that we get it resolved now while voters still have a choice in the primary and can make sure that they’re picking a qualified candidate,” he says.

Bohnet says he wants to avoid what he calls another “Charlie White” scenario in which Lugar is ruled ineligible after the election.

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