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Advocacy Group Protests Amendment Against Same-Sex Marriage Rights

Gay Recruiters, a Bloomington based advocacy group, held a demonstration to protest a constitutional amendment against same sex marriage in Indiana. The group founder Lillie Aydt, says the goal of the demonstration is to prevent legislation from outlawing same-sex marriages.

One group supporter Evan Mcmahon says that love is universal and should be recognized by all people including state officials and even Bloomington’s City Clerk’s Office.  “God recognizes all forms of love as long as it’s right and true, including the love of everybody here today. Our city clerk’s office should recognize it as well as our county government, our state officials, our elected men and women in congress, our president,” says Mcmahon.

Another participant, Stephanie Burks feels that all people should have the same rights and not be denied because of their dating preferences.  “Today we’re pushing for this because as a gay and lesbian people we are denied a hundred and thirty two federal rights that straight people get when they get married,” says Burks.

Stephanie Burks and her partner Renee Reed were rejected a marriage license shortly after entering the Justice Building.  According to Indiana Code IC31-11-1-1, same sex marriages are prohibited in the state of Indiana. A City Clerk stated that if the couple disagreed with the law they should talk to their legislature.

Though the couple was disappointed they did not receive a marriage license, they are hopeful that things might one day change.  Renee Reed feels it was important to make a stand for her beliefs.  “I’ve lived in Bloomington for 15 years and I believe that Bloomington is the kind of place where changes can actually happen like we can have an effect here,” says Reed.

Want to contact your legislators about an issue that matters to you? Find out how to contact your senators and member of Congress here.

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