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Amish Travel Lanes Planned For Daviess County


Photo: Brent Danley(Flickr)

There have been several incidents across the state in recent years involving collisions between motorized and horse drawn traffic.

Daviess County is getting $2.5 million to complete a project aimed at making travel safer for horses and buggies. The grant money from the Indiana Department of Transportation will add buggy lanes on the Odon-Cannelburg Road.

Daviess County Highway Superintendent Phil Cornelius says the announcement culminates plans that began 30 years ago.

“Its taken many years of perseverance to make this happen, even past commissioners, past highway supervisors, all those that have come before us who have dreamed this dream for a long time, basically since the 1980‘s,” he says.

The area is a major economic artery with Amish buggies, semi‘s, cars, and all types of motorized transportation sharing the road, with sometimes disastrous results. The plans call for construction of 8-foot shoulders for Amish buggy lanes along the road.

Construction is scheduled to start next year.

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