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Alliance Meets In Indiana To Establish Stage Safety Measures


Photo: Russel James Smith (Flickr)

The guide will likely be fashioned after the guide that the U.K. uses for its outdoor stages like this one at the Get Loaded in The Park 2009 festival in London.

Representatives from different corners of the entertainment industry are in Indiana this week to create a standardized set of safety measures for outdoor stages.

The Event Safety Alliance consists of production professionals, manufacturers, event safety directors, insurers and attorneys, among others. The Alliance was formed in January to create an event safety guide that venues around the country can utilize. The manual is largely taken from the safety guide used in the United Kingdom.

Tim Roberts is Director of the Event Safety Shop in the U.K. and helped develop the guide. He says it doesn’t require the passage of new building codes or laws.

“It merely is a route map for people to have proper, honest, open and technically detailed discussions to make sure that this kind of thing can’t happen again,” Roberts says.

Indiana is also developing stage inspection requirements. Governor Mitch Daniels says the Alliance’s guide can help as the state begins inspecting the outdoor stages.

“You won’t be putting up anything much bigger than a pup tent in Indiana from now on that somebody doesn’t come by and ask questions first,” he says.

The new inspection requirements will go into effect early next month.

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