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ACT/SAT Tests Add Photo ID Requirement


Photo: Flickr/ Jose Kevo

Students will have to submit a photo ID when they register to take the ACT and the SAT.

High school students taking the SAT and ACT this fall will have a new hoop to jump through. ACT Inc. and the College Board, which administers the SAT, are adding a photo to exam admission tickets after prosecutors in Long Island filed charges against 20 students accused of paying or receiving money for someone to take the test under someone else‘s name.

Students will have to submit a photo when they register, then present a matching photo ID on test day. Indiana Department of Education Chief Assessment Officer Wes Bruce says the way the tests have been administered created a loophole for cheaters.

“ACT/SAT have testing centers that are run by individuals who have no knowledge of the students who appear,” Bruce says.

Bruce says he is not aware of any SAT cheating incidents in Indiana, but says there have been cases involving similar tests in China, Japan and India, as well as on licensing tests in the U.S. He says the photo requirement should either stop cheaters or make them easier to catch.

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