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Indiana Could Expand Licenses To Include Medical Abortions


Photo: Haukeland universitetssjukhus (Flickr)

Methotrexate is the drug that is often used for medical abortions.

Changes to Indiana’s abortion clinic licensing law are expected next session, according to Attorney General Greg Zoeller.  He says the current law covers surgical abortions, but not clinics performing medication or chemical abortions.

Zoeller says any changes likely will depend on input from the Indiana Department of Health.

“What are the risks to women with a chemical abortion and what is the proper legislative response in terms to a regulatory scheme,” Zoeller says.

The issue came up when Indiana Right to Life requested in investigation into the Lafayette Planned Parenthood clinic, which is not licensed to perform abortions, but administers chemical abortions.

Right to Life Legislative Director Sue Swayze says oversight is needed for all abortion clinics.

“Was there the usual regimen of health and safety standards, medical standards and women’s health protection as there are in other places,” Swayze says.

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood of Indiana says they are following the law and do not expect lawmakers to make changes to the abortion facility licensing law next session.

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