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Abortion Bill Approved by House


Photo: Steve Rhodes (flickr)

The bill's sponsor says he's proud of Indiana's becoming "the most pro-life state in America."

The Senate amended an informed consent for abortion bill to include a provision cutting funding to any organizations that perform abortions, the most notable being Planned Parenthood. Bill author Eric Turner says the bill does a great deal of good for Indiana:

“I believe that with passage of this legislation we will become the most pro-life state in America,” Turner said, “and I’ll be proud of that.”

Turner says he believes women will still be able to receive the kind of care Planned Parenthood offers from other sources. But Crown Point Representative Shelli VanDenburgh says the bill will cut off vital resources to young women across the state:

“And if this agency’s funding is cut, the education will not be there,” said VanDenburgh. “The contraceptives will not be there.  And there will be more children born in our state to mothers that are not prepared.”

As part of the legislation, Planned Parenthood will no longer be able to accept Medicaid. That provision takes effect as soon as the governor signs the bill.


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