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9th District Debate Focuses On Job Creation

Candidates in 9th District Debate

Photo: Christopher Ayers/Indiana Public Media News

The five candidates on stage, two weeks in advance of May's primary election.

Job creation efforts dominated a debate last evening among the crowded field vying for the ninth congressional district’s Democratic nomination. While there was little disagreement between the candidates on issues, each came with their own solutions for what they view as the problems Washington currently faces. Retired Air Force Brigadier General Jonathan George says the politics of hate have come to dominate policy-making in Congress, and that he would work to establish a cooperative atmosphere.

“Congress has to rise above that and bring back leadership that’s based on dignity, tolerance and respect for others,” George says. “Even if you don’t agree with their opinion, you still have to be able to work with one another. We’re all Americans, we all bleed red, white and blue.”

Former Lee Hamilton staff assistant Robert Winningham cited his experience as an economic developer as the reason he should get the nomination.

“My experience is a job creator. I am the only person in this race that has experience in economic development,” Winningham says. “That’s what I do for a living. And the last place I worked we created over five thousand jobs in five years.”

Former Miss Indiana Shelli Yoder says her work as a counselor will allow her to build relationships with others in Congress.

“If there is ever a poster child dysfunction and problem children it is Washington,” she says. “And I feel like in having that experience of leading in those ways, I can take that experience and make a difference in Washington.”

Whoever wins the Democratic primary on May 8 will face incumbent Todd Young in the November general election.

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