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5th District Debate Chides Absent McIntosh About Residency

5th District Map

Photo: State of Indiana

Congressional redistricting has led a large number of candidates to seek the 5th district nomination.

With less than two weeks before the primary, six of the seven candidates for the Republican nomination in Indiana‘s 5th district met in Marion Wednesday night, and it did not take long for the one missing candidate to be on the defensive.

Former Congressman David McIntosh was absent due to a fundraising event in Carmel with former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson. McIntosh’s residency has recently come into question, with some backers of other candidates charging he lives in Virginia and is not officially a 5th District resident. While all the candidates agreed residency should be an issue, former U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks was the only one to single out McIntosh.

“Mr. McIntosh says he lives in Anderson. Well, I would submit he‘s staying in Anderson,” Brooks says. “He‘s renting in Anderson. It is not illegal for him to live in Virginia which he has for many years. It‘s a nice state. Maybe he should‘ve run in Virginia.”

Other candidates then began to chime in.

“You need to live to serve and to work in your community so that you actually know what the people need and want,” said Jack Lugar. “And if you move out to Washington and stay out there, like so many of our politicians have done, you‘re not going to in tune with what‘s going on here in the community

Madison County voter Greg Wright is challenging McIntosh‘s residency and his attorney John Sturgill is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the matter.

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