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Nearly 30 Racers Gather For 55th Lake Lemon Regatta

Dozens of boats gathered at Lake Lemon on Saturday for the Bloomington Yacht Club's Lake Lemon Regatta.

It was the last big regatta of the year and more than two dozen sailboats from across the country descended on Lake Lemon to participate.

The regatta has been taking place at the lake for decades now. This was the 55th running of the Lake Lemon Regatta, hosted by the Bloomington Yacht Club on Lake Lemon in Monroe and Brown counties.

Race officer Jeff Cashman says the location is ideal this time of year because it’s not as cold as the lakes in Michigan and Wisconsin, for example — plus the winds are ideal for sailing.

“If you were to have a regatta in July in Indiana you’d just be waiting for the wind to come around, but in September — it’s usually the first week of September — and what we call the wind engine turns on,” he says.

On Saturday, just before the start of the first race, Cashman checked the wind speed. It measured about 10 knots with gusts at about 15. He calls that perfect – the greater the wind speed the more hazardous the conditions.

“You really have to be on your game the more the wind comes up so on a lake like this,” he says. “It’s not a very large lake so a lot of people call sailing on a lake like this ‘puddle sailing,’ and winds can be very shifty because we have lots of ridgelines around here. The wind tries to come over those ridge lines so one part of the lake it might be coming from this way, another part of the lake it might be coming from this way so it can sometimes be some challenging.”

The 29 racers were divided into four classes.

Three boats participated in the A Fleet, five in the B Fleet, seven boats in the Y-Flyer competition and 14 boats in the Force 5 race.

Here is the full list of results:

A Fleet (Boats larger than 14 feet):

  1. Mike Crane, Skipper; Claudia Crane, Crew; Tim Roualet, Crew. Boat: Flying Scott.
  2. Dan Elliott, Skipper; Amy Pozman, Crew. Boat: Mutineer.
  3. Adrian Ziepolt, Skipper; Josie Ziepolt, Crew. Boat: Thistle.

B Fleet (Boats smaller than 14 feet):

  1. Wayne Myers, Boat: Finn.
  2. Reagan Lessick; Boat: Laser Radial.
  3. Bernie Ringwald; Boat: Laser.


  1. Steve Roeschlein, Skipper; Mike Stewart, Crew.
  2. Doug Kinzer, Skipper; Lauren Kinzer, Crew.
  3. Kevin Black, Skipper; Wanda Black, Crew.

Force 5:

  1. Mark Allen.
  2. Chris Zofchak.
  3. Eric Braysmith.

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