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Over 24,000 Homes Without Power After Severe Weather Sunday

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Photo: flickr (achouro)

Thousands of homes in Indiana are still without power after yesterday's tornadoes and severe weather.

UPDATED 8:15p.m.: Almost 16,000 homes across Indiana are still without power over 24 hours after massive storms swept the Midwest.

Howard and Tippecanoe counties still top the list with 6,400 and 6,000 homes without power, respectively.  Almost 1,000 homes in Clinton County are also without power.

Duke Energy produces hourly updates on the power situation across the state.

UPDATED 6:15p.m.: The number of Indiana homes without power continues to fall by the hour. Duke Energy reports 17,148 homes are still powerless.  Most homes without power are concentrated in north-central Indiana.

Below are the four counties with the highest number of reported outages.

Howard County: 6,444

Tippecanoe County: 6,166

Clinton County: 1,000

Clark County: 875

UPDATED 4:00p.m.: Duke Energy reports number of homes in Indiana currently affected by power outage has fallen to 19,828.

UPDATED 3:30p.m.: The number of homes without power due to yesterday’s massive storms is decreasing, according to Duke Energy. Here are updated numbers from the four counties with the most reported outages.

Total Current Outages: 20,487

Tippecanoe County: 8,478

Howard County: 7,013

Clinton County: 1,143

Bartholomew County: 925

UPDATED 10:42 a.m.: More power outages are being reported to Duke Energy. The total number of homes without power across the state is 24,740. Below are the four counties with the most reported outages.

Tippecanoe County: 12,581

Howard County: 6,923

Clinton County : 890

Cass County: 831

After severe thunderstorms and tornadoes hit the state yesterday, Duke Energy is reporting 24,373 homes across the state are still without power.

Tippecanoe County is reporting the most power outages with 12,123 homes without power. Howard County reports 6,920, Clinton 888 homes and Cass County reports 828 reports of power outages.

Duke Energy spokesperson Lew Middleton crews have been working hard to restore power.

“Our Duke Energy crews have been working through the night and continue to work even as we speak,” Middleton said. “They are assessing the damage to determine the exact extent and they are making repairs as well.”


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