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2011 EPA Regulations Prep Cummins New Engine

New EPA regulations prep Columbus base Cummins, Inc. engine production. The new standards for 2011 will go into effect on January 1st. The new engine meets the EPA standards and is much cleaner compared to other products they’ve made in the past and provides better gas mileage according to Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Cummins Inc. Mark Land. “It’s not enough for the engines to just have a clean engine, but it must also be reliable and efficient,” Land said.

It’s taken more than seven months to manufacture 31,000 heavy duty and mid-range engines. But it’s the technology in the fuel systems Cummins officials say, that is assisting to sustain the engines in the economy. Land also says the new engines are 5-7% more fuel efficient than Cummins Inc. previous engines.

New fuel systems technology allows the company not only to achieve low emissions standards, but also to focus on performance. Cummins Inc. Plant Manager, Fuel Systems, Miguel Martinez said the technologies are critical to the customers they serve.

“The machining of critical components within the new system for heavy duty engines is called XPI, and this is our latest fuel system which is important ingredient in order to meet our 2010 emissions standard.”

Cummins has invested one-hundred million dollars in a power engine plant in Seymour. Employees there will manufacture one of the biggest engines the company makes. The new location will create about 200 technical and engineering jobs over the next few years.

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