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Study Committee Looks Into Superintendent Salary


Photo: Bill Shaw

The 2011 legislative session focused on teachers, but lawmakers have not forgotten school administrators.

Indiana legislators are looking into whether the salaries of school superintendents should be more tightly controlled by the General Assembly.

Superintendent contracts and performance was a topic of discussion in the most recent legislative session, but no agreement could be reached on the best course of action, prompting a summer study committee to examine the issue.  Auburn Senator Dennis Kruse says he takes issue with the average school superintendent salary – roughly 110 to 115 thousand dollars a year – being higher than the salary of the state superintendent:

“So why would individual corporations think their one superintendent ought to get more money than the state superintendent gets?” says Kruse.

But State Department of Education Senior Advisor Dennis Brooks says local school corporations need the flexibility to set salaries:

“Capping superintendent salaries we believe would inhibit locals’ ability to compete and provide their schools the leadership they need to be successful.” says Brooks.

The committee will continue to study the issue throughout the summer.


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