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Ephedrine Tracking Bill Moves Through House

The House earlier this session attempted to pass a bill making all ephedrine and pseudoephedrine products prescription-only drugs.  That legislation died in committee, leaving Middlebury Senator Carlin Yoder’s bill.  It inputs a new, immediate tracking system for ephedrine purchases.

Salem Representative Steve Davisson who is also a pharmacist, said the new system would give pharmacists real-time tracking at the point of purchase.

“It will give us tools that we can actually prevent some of this getting into the hands of people that have criminal intent with it,” said Davisson.

Under the bill, only seven point two grams are allowed for purchase within 30 days, equal to two packages. While proponents of the measure say that would cut down on meth production, law enforcement officials say the tracking system would actually increase the number of meth labs.  Brookston Representative Don Lehe said other methods would be more effective.

“To really solve this problem we need to stop the production of meth and the best way to do that is through the prescription,” said Lehe.

The bill now moves to conference committee for final revision.

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