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12 Strays of Christmas: Pet Adoption Campaign

As people get ready for the holidays, some people don’t always think about the cost incurred with taking care of animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits as they age.

Currently, there’s a program being offered to help alleviate some of those concerns. The City of Bloomington Animal Shelter calls it the “12 Strays of Christmas” – a lowering of adoption fees for those looking to give a pet as a holiday gift.

Laurie Ringquist, Director of Animal Care and Control, said the campaign is a special way to add a member to the family.

“Our normal adoption fee is $75.00 for dogs and cats that are younger than five years old and $55 for dogs and cats that are older than five years old and our rabbits are $45.00.” She said they’re making a reduction in all of the fees and doing a flat $40.00 adoption fee.

The shelter also emphasizes the responsibility which comes with a pet – both in choosing a pet which fits the family’s personality and temperament and offering guidelines on what a new pet might cost over time.

Virgil Sauder, Shelter Manager, said the adoption process takes time. “There are annual expenses involved with pets, it’s kind of like having a kid there’s things you don’t always think about,” Sauder said. “There is a general list at the shelter which gives guidelines of what one might spend.”

There are counselors available to assist with the process. The kennels also have play rooms for guests to see the personality of animals to see if the fit is a good one for the family. The campaign will end on December 23rd.

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