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Graduation Rates Increase Across Indiana


Photo: Jessie Jacobson (Flickr)

Graduation rates are up more than 2.5% across Indiana.

The State Department of Education reports graduation rates continue to rise statewide.  The graduation rate for the 2009-2010 school year is 84.1%- that’s up more than 2.5% from last year.  Indiana Department of Education spokeswoman Lauren Auld says the improvement shows education funding cuts don’t necessarily impact student achievement.

“We’ve seen a lot of schools really focus their funding dollars on what’s best for student achievement.  So during this economic climate we have seen schools actually improve, and we believe that will continue to happen,” said Auld.

The report also shows 133 schools had graduation rates at or above 90%.  Four year graduation rates increased in nearly all sub-categories.  Those increasing the most were African American, Hispanic, free and reduced lunch, and limited English proficiency students.  Each of these subgroups increased more than six percentage points over last year.

The State Department of Education has set a statewide goal of 90% of students graduating from high school.

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