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Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight — March 2010

Kokomo's mayor says he hopes when the state redistricts, the map will look much the same as it does now.

Kokomo’s mayor says he hopes when the state redistricts, the map will look much the same as it does now.  Though he says he has not read a proposal by Secretary of State Todd Rokita which would outline how the state could make its legislative districts more compact, Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight says he could see ways in which that would not benefit his city.  Rokita’s plan aims to split fewer cities and counties between districts as a means to save money — fewer races on each ballot means lower printing cost, for instance.  But Goodnight says having his city split between the congressional districts of Joe Donnelly and Dan Burton has benefited the Howard County seat during the recent recession.

“When the chips were down and we really needed their assistance, they were both there,” Goodnight said. “Obviously coming from different parties, it felt like we had bipartisan support.”

Speaking on WFIU’s “Ask the Mayor,” Goodnight said on more than one occasion he’s seen the two congressmen remember his city in the course of larger national debates.

“If you’d asked me this a year ago, I probably would have preferred having one congressional representative,” the mayor said. “But I have to say, both our congressmen did a good job of helping us.  I don’t mind it at all having two congressmen.”

Once census figures are tabulated, the numbers will be delivered first to President Obama and then to the states in order to re-draw congressional maps.  For his part, Greg Goodnight says continuing to slice up his city between the state’s 2nd and 5th districts could mean a bigger piece of the national pie for Kokomo.

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