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Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight

The Mayor hopes a visiting delegation from Kokomo's sister city in China will lead to increased educational and economic opportunities for the city.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s inteview:

  • Mayor Goodnight’s administration has developed a sister-city relationship with Dongyang, China, which sent an education and business delegation to visit this week.

“We’re looking at possibly going in the Fall – sending a group of local leaders to China and trying to really make this at least an annual visit or maybe an every other year type of relationship. If we fall short of actually having some sort of jobs or some sort of economic business connection that takes place it’s still about expanding our students’ connections world-wide. If it ends up having some sort of economic impact – that’s even better.”

  • Howard County Superior Court Judge William Menges weighed in on the attempted closing of Tease strip club in Kokomo by questioning whether the city’s adult business ordinance is constitutional.

“Im not sure why he even brought that up. Just because things are constitutional doesn’t mean they can’t be regulated. We all have a right to free speech but you can’t just barge into a judge’s chambers or in a public space or stand in the middle of the road to exercise.

We don’t think his comment – he’s entitled to his thoughts but we don’t know that it has any bearing on the issue at hand.

This was an adult entertainment facility that was grandfathered in to its location. The ordinance has since changed and been given stricter guidelines on where they can be located – so many feet from a school, so many feet from a church, so many feet from a major thoroughfare.

They are considered grandfathered unless they do something to violate that clause. One of the things is expanding the footprint of the facility, which is the issue at hand. They have done a large expansion during a remodeling which, in our opinion makes them ineligible for the grandfather clause.”

“Kokomo residents deserve full rights as citizens in Howard County. We pay county taxes. The 911 fees that fund the dispatch center come from city businesses, city not-for-profits, city residents – anybody that has a land line phone – obviously some funds come from cell phones as well.

“We’re going to follow the state’s guidelines that this is a form of double taxation and let the people of Kokomo be treated just like everyone else in Howard County when it comes to dispatch services.”

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