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Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight

Even though he's raised far less than incumbent Greg Goodnight, Scott Kern says he thinks he has enough capital to win the race.

Kokomo’s two mayoral candidates have vastly different war chests with two weeks to go before Election Day, but challenger Scott Kern still thinks he’s raised enough to win.  Campaign finance reports show incumbent Greg Goodnight has outraised Kern nearly ten-to-one, with the mayor taking in more than 360-thousand dollars and his opponent just more than 37-thousand.  Speaking on WFIU’s “Ask The Mayor,” Goodnight says he’s seen copies of fundraising letters sent to some of his supports by the Kern campaign.

“We’re both – and I will say this about my opponent – we’re both very aggressive at fundraising,” Goodnight says. “The difference is, I’ve been much more successful at it than he has.”

Kern says he’ll use his remaining cash on hand, plus money generated by another fundraiser or two, to send out another 2-3 campaign mailings.  He says even if he had the money to make a television ad, he’s not sure it’d be worth the investment.

“For whatever reason, politically speaking, TV has not been a resounding advantage for any of the local politicians to utilize,” Kern says.  “So I would say TV would definitely be out.  But as far as radio’s concerned, we have set up a thing next week as far as a recording date next week for some final push radio advertisement in the final week.”

Kern says his advertisements may appear on several radio stations in the final two weeks before the polls close.  Goodnight says he’ll focus his advertising dollars on newspaper and direct mail pieces, but is unsure whether he’ll cut a radio ad.

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