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Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight

Kokomo's mayor is blasting a city councilman for his handling of a behind-the-scenes relationship between the city and a possible business investor.

During this week’s city council meeting, councilman Bob Cameron questioned whether economic development officials were doing all they could to bring jobs to the city, after what he says was a lackluster effort on behalf of city officials to offer investment incentives to a company with ties to former mayor Matt McKillip.  The company, Backhaul Direct, is reportedly looking to create 137 jobs in the shipping efficiency business, but those dealings had been behind closed doors.  Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight said that’s as it should have been, until Cameron possibly jeopardized the talks by bringing them to light…

“He just doesn’t get it,” Goodnight said. “Call it political daggers or just frustration — you don’t do these things in public settings.  We’ve got to let our economic development leaders do their jobs, work out things, get information to companies.  These companies don’t want being called by the press or different newspapers.  He just was completely irresponsible.”

Cameron brushed off the mayor’s comments.  “That’s just him saying that,” he said.  “He and I, at best, would have a weak platonic relationship.”

Cameron said unnamed employees in the mayor’s office have told him a cold relationship between Goodnight and McKillip may have led to mayoral nonchalance when it came to offering incentives to Backhaul Direct.

“The word around here is it’s his way or the highway, but I do what’s best for the people in this community,” the councilman said.  When I see the opportunity for that many jobs and a growth in four years to 350 employees — as much unemployment as we have in this community — I don’t care who it is.  If they’re legit and they have a good business, get it here.”

Speaking on WFIU’s “Ask the Mayor,” Goodnight defended the city’s efforts, saying the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance was doing all it could to bring jobs to the city, which is still struggling with 14%  unemployment.

  • raychrista

    Question? Why it the employee's of the welfare office here in Kokomo so hard to get all the information they need and keep it in the right files? Why can't they get their jobs done right the first time so those that are on welfare don't have to keep sending in the paperwork that they lose or so they don't have to wait so long to get what they need to get by in life? Here in my home my son and I have two different names and we both were on welfare and they office here kept getting our accounts so messed up that we have had to apply all over again. My soon was aproved for medicaid about a month of two before he found a job and the would not let him use it until the first of Aug. By then he found a job and now he can not use the medicaid that he was approved for because he had to wait so long to be able to use it. That is a bunch of bull. He has a very bad back and he doesn't have 250.00 dollars a visit to see Dr. Reilly. He is tring to get disability because of the back problems but now he can't get medicaid to get seen. I think you really need to start looking into the problem with the employees of the office so people like us do not have to keep fighting for what we need. When we had face to face with our caseworkers it was alot better. We can't get a face to face anymore and that sucks.They say they call the house but don't. They even said that they called here and got a fax machine. We don't own a fax machine and when they read back the phone number it is the right number so you know they don't call. Are you people trying to make it so we can't get help as we need it? Is it because you have money and you don't think we deserve the help? Or is it because you don't want to give up some of your own money because you are use to living high and the rest of use are at the bottom? And do me a favore and not tell me a bunch of bull that you think I want to here or to make you look good cause I heard a lot of bull in my day and we (the people) need the truth not a bunch of ,Well we are looking at it this way or that way, or We are trying a new thing (which isn't working), or what every else you can muster up. As I see it things are getting worse not better and maybe I should start voting.

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