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Columbus Mayor Fred Armstrong

Armstrong’s Recent Economic Development Trips Look to Bear Fruit

Columbus Mayor Fred Armstrong recently returned from an economic development trip to Germany. In September, Mayor Armstrong ventured to China for the same reason. He says these two trips have netted some interest in Columbus. He says the city could be making a series of positive announcements in the coming months.

“I’m optimistic but I also want to make sure when its done that I can announce for sure that its done. But it is about economic development, about potential jobs. Those are the things we want and things people from other areas will benefit from. So let’s make sure we can put the deal together before I open my big trap and blow it,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong says he touts Columbus’s high unemployment rate when trying to lure international businesses.

“We feel in our region that we have the best-skilled labor pool in Indiana,” Armstrong said.

The city’s jobless rate hovers just over nine percent. Armstrong says he keeps his overseas trips quiet until after he returns in order to protect his family.

Investigation into Cocaine Ring Continues

More arrests are likely coming in a cocaine ring that was recently broken up by Columbus police. Columbus Mayor Fred Armstrong, who used to be a police officer himself, says the investigation was difficult and took hundreds of man hours. He says he knew about the operation for more than a year. The CPD didn’t want the suspects to sniff out the undercover agents in their midst, so police moved in last week. He says the CPD wanted to make sure there was enough evidence against those involved.

“There’s probably nine or twenty more to go of ones that are lesser of importance as far as selling. This investigation took a long time, but they also want a rock solid case. And I think they’ve got it, with the number of buys,” Armstrong said.

Last month the federal government sued Columbus for refusing to zone for a drug addiction center downtown. Armstrong says the city has changed an ordinance in response and says the lawsuit should be settled relatively soon.

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