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We Are Family: Sister City by Ian Woollen

Sister City, by Ian Woollen

Sister City, by Ian Woollen (Courtesy of Ian Woollen)

On this episode, Yaël Ksander brings us a review of Bloomington-based author Ian Woollen’s fifth novel Sister City (Coffeetown Press, 2020). A psychotherapist by day, Woollen writes novels and short fiction, for which he has been recognized with the 2006 Best Books of Indiana Award, the Mid-American Review’s Sherwood Anderson Prize, INDIES Bronze Award, and as a finalist for the Balcones Fiction Prize. As Yaël writes, Woollen’s wildly absurdist take on the Sister City concept gets its heart from its “maelstrom of broken souls” “longing to find home.” This review is produced in partnership with Limestone Post magazine, where you can read the review in its entirety.

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