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June 28, 2012  

Indiana's Marriage Laws

Comments (9)

  • Mark Duwe

    On gay marriage there are some things that matter, and some things that don’t matter. 

    Here is what doesn’t matter:
    1. The will of the people. 2. Religious texts.3. If you think it’s wrong.None of those things will matter when it comes down to the supreme court. There is only one question they will consider:Does discriminating against someone based on their sexual orientation a violation of the constitution of the U.S. &/or a violation of a person’s civil rights?The Supreme Court will undoubtedly return with a big yes. We live in a country where all men and women are created equal, and should be treated equally. When we ignore this people suffer.Also, before anyone starts talking about people marrying animals and such, it’s about consenting adult HUMANS. Children and animals do not have the ability to consent to anything like this.End of argument.

  • Donsherfick

    Very clearly the pastor completely failed to answer my question about the fact that the proposed amendment, which once only targeted “activist judges”, now would keep a popularly elected legislator from recognizing anything “substantially similar” (whatever that means) to marriage.   He just went off onto another religiouis rant proving what this is really all about.

  • Indiana Public Media

    Thanks for your comments. And thanks for sending in your email question Don. The video will be uploaded tomorrow if you missed the airing tonight. It should also rerun Friday at 6 p.m. on WTIU.

  • Dan

    A comment that concludes with “end of argument” is about as arrogant as it could get: “I speak; I don’t care what you think.”

  • Kara Hobbs

    Will the audio or video be uploaded soon? I’m very interested to hear the discussion.

  • Indiana Public Media

    Yes. We are so sorry for the delay. We have been having technical difficulties with the video but are trying to get it up as soon as possible.

  • Indiana Public Media

    The video is up. Thank you all for your patience.

  • Indiana Public Media

    The video is up. Thanks for your patience.

  • Tim Bayly (Rev.)

    Dear Mr. Sherfick,

    I’m sorry to have disappointed you. However, your question had already been addressed a number or times during the program when I pointed out that the reasonable explanation for our legislature voting by overwhelming numbers for the DOMA amendment was to prevent our state judiciary from subverting the will of the electorate.

    It was a good discussion that I hope will continue among Indiana’s electorate in the coming months. The physical, moral, and spiritual health of our great state hangs in the balance. 

    Civilly yours,