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Harmonia Turns 20...Today!

WFIU's early music program Harmonia celebrates its platinum anniversary.

Hosted from its inception by performer and scholar Angela Mariani, for two decades Harmonia has taken you to stone cathedrals, lively fairs, and dramatic stages of the past—offering musical history as told through the eyes and ears by the musicians of those long ago times.

Harmonia’s national syndication began in 1995, with more than eighty stations signing on in the first week. The first press kits to market the show to stations nationally were produced and assembled by hand over several late nights by Angela Mariani, then-Marketing Director Cary Boyce, then-Station Manager Christina Kuzmych, and a few sturdy volunteers (all who claim they are still trying to get the glue out of their hair). By 2000, Harmonia could be heard on over 150 public radio stations nationwide.

Today, Harmonia is still going strong. In addition to the regular series, WFIU’s Harmonia production team produces a weekly podcast, in which they review new and old early music recordings.

Happy Birthday, Harmonia! May you long continue to cast new light on the music of the distant past.

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