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Music Of Gautier d’Epinal Performed By Ensemble Syntagma

Ensemble Syntagma

Gautier d’Epinal remains a mysterious medieval figure who might have been either a nobleman from a family that ruled the French town of Epinal for three hundred years, or a cleric who was the nephew of the Bishop of Metz.  Does it really matter who he was? The important thing is that he left us poetry and music that give us an insight into his world.

Ensemble Syntagma has made a recording of that music and poetry titled Remembrance, which was released in 2007 by Challenge Classics.  Facing head on all the intrinsic problems of interpreting medieval music from a page, most especially its uncertain rhythmic interpretation, the ensemble brings this little known music to the listener, attempting to emphasize its profundity rather than its exoticism.

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