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2012 Early Music Festivals And Workshops

‘Tis the season for early music festivals and workshops!

An Italian Family

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"An Italian Family" by Samuel Alken.

‘Tis the 2012 season for early music festivals and workshops. Here’s a list to help find an event near you, or else plan a great early music destination trip!


May 25-28 Amherst Early Music Spring Weekend Workshop, Litchfield, CT: Programs include recorder and viol consorts, masterclasses, ensembles, English country dancing and early notation. The Rogers Breukink recorder consort will also be featured.

June 2 ‘Fyre! Fyre!’ Washington D.C.: Presented in conjunction with the Washington Early Music Festival, the workshop is devoted to the fiery passions and broken hearts of the great Italian and English Madrigal composers.

June 2-30 ‘Vices & Virtues’ – Passionate Music from Early Europe, Washington D.C.: Performers include Arco Voce, Armonia Nova, BHB, Carmina, Ensemble Gaudior, Harmonious Blacksmith, Modern Musick, The Suspicious Cheese Lords, The Vivaldi Project, The Wayward Sisters, Atsuko Ikeda, Ronn McFarlane, J. Reilly Lewis and others.

June 8-23 Connecticut Early Music Festival: Concerts given by Members of Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society, Ensemble Origo, Musicians of the Old Post Road, East of the River,  Le Tendre Amour, and a production of Mozart’s “Die Entführung aus dem Serail” by CEMF Productions.

June 10-15 Aston Magna Festival Sixth Annual Unaccompanied Violin Workshop, Waltham, Mass: Daniel Stepner, modern and baroque violin, will give private coaching, master classes, lecture demonstrations and social events culminating in an informal concert by participants.

June 17-22 Aston Magna Festival Third Annual Workshop for Classical Period Woodwinds (oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn), Waltham, Mass: Stephen Hammer (classical oboe) and Eric Hoeprich (classical clarinet) offer private coaching and regular ensemble rehearsals culminating in an informal concert by the participants.

June 17-23 Institute for 17th Century Music at Queens College – Baroque Opera Workshop, Flushing, NY: This intensive training program culminates in a performance of highlights from Luigi Rossi’s Orfeo, with directors Christa Patton and David Ronis, and faculty Dongmyung Ahn (strings), Ellen Hargis (voice and gesture), Antonio Fava (Commedia dell’Arte), Arthur Haas (harpsichord) and Pat O’Brien (lute).

June 25-July 2 World Fellowship Early Music Week, Albany, NH: A workshop on the theme of Musical Transformations from Medieval to Renaissance and the Baroque Revolution. Faculty include Pamela Dellal (mezzo soprano), Jane Hershey, Joshua Schreiber Shalem and Anne Legêne (viola da gamba), Jay Rosenberg (lute, guitar, voice, and recorder), Roy Sansom (recorder), and Larry Wallach (harpsichord).

July 8-22 Amherst Early Music Festival, New London, CT:  Two weeks of classes for all instruments, voice, and dance, all levels, including recorder and viol consorts, vocal ensembles, baroque/renaissance reeds and strings, and early notation.  There will also be a music and instrument exhibition, and an opera project:  Telemann’s “Der geduldige Socrates,” directed by Drew Minter.

July 10-14 Giovanni Gabrieli: a 400th anniversary celebration, Washington D.C.: This workshop celebrates the music of Giovanni Gabrieli and that of his teachers and pupils, including Orlandus Lassus, Andrea Gabrieli, Hans Leo Haßler and Heinrich Schütz. An internationally distinguished faculty leads a full schedule of seminars, rehearsals and performances taking place in and around Washington National Cathedral.

July 15-22 Mideast Workshop Early Music Week, Pittsburgh, PA: Marilyn Carlson, director with faculty Judith Davidoff, Stew Carter, Eric Haas, Majbritt Young-Christensen, James Young and Chris Ramsey lead classes on improvisation, bass class (beginner and advanced), contemporary music, articulation and phrasing and 15 c. notation.

July 20-29 International Baroque Institute at Longy, Cambridge, MA: A seminar on baroque music in Naples, for pre-professional and professional instrumentalists and singers. Masterclasses, ensembles, orchestra, dance, lectures and public concerts.

July 22-28 Longy Early Dance Workshop, Cambridge, MA: An intensive workshop in early dance, with emphasis on baroque dance and including a daily late-renaissance dance class. Intended for experienced dancers with a serious interest in early dance, the workshop will include classes in technique, repertoire, and dance notation, with opportunities for independent projects and performance. 

July 22-29 50/50: The Viola da Gamba Society of America’s 50th Anniversary/50th Annual Conclave, Newark, DE: Full roster of classes at all levels with 50 fabulous faculty! Daily mini-concerts, lectures, auction, exhibits by viol and bow makers, Consort Cooperative program for aspiring professionals, free adult beginning viol class; resident viol and bow doctors.

July 26-29 Schola Cantorum of Syracuse Summer Workshop, Syracuse, NY: An annual workshop focusing on vocal music from chant to Bach.

Aug 6-11 Performing Bach in Baroque Style with Modern Instruments and Vocal Technique, Flushing, NY: A  workshop with the underlying philosophy that style, not instrument, is the key to stylish performance of the music of Bach and other composers of historical repertories. For advanced players and singers with little or no experience with period instruments and historical performance practices.

Aug 6-18 The Westfield Center International Academy and Harpsichord Competition, Washington, D.C.: Distinguished international jury and young competitors gather from around the world, preceded by a week of masterclasses and recitals featuring some of the world’s finest performers and teachers.

Aug 11-18 Pinewoods Early Music Week, Plymouth, MA: This year’s theme is The Iberian Spirit: Spain, Portugal and the Hispanic Diaspora. Classes include basic technique, chorus and historical dance.

Oct 12-14 Portland (Maine) Early Music Festival: A weekend of concerts, lectures and master classes include fortepianist Sylvia Berry on an original 1806 Broadwood piano, 17th-century English music, including songs by Henry Purcell and works for broken consort, as well as a concert of pieces by Bach, Dornel, and de Visée. 

Oct 14 8th annual Festival of the Guild for Early Music: Hamilton, NJ: Continuous mini-concerts of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Early American music performed by instrumental, vocal, and mixed ensembles.


May 21-31 Magnolia Baroque Festival and Institute: The University of North Carolina School of the Arts presents  a series of concerts and the opportunity for select students to study historical performance practice with prominent early music artists.

June 10-16 Virginia Baroque Performance Academy Workshop, Harrisonburg, VA: Arthur Haas (harpsichord), Martha McGaughey (viola da gamba) and Linda Quan (violin), teach at this five-day Baroque immersion course, designed to give participants hands-on experience in technique and interpretation through solo masterclasses and ensemble coaching sessions.  

June 24-30 Mountain Collegium Early Music & Folk Music Workshop, Cullowhee, NC: This workshop offers study of medieval, renaissance, and baroque music, focusing on recorder, viol, voice, and other early instruments with classes include technique, improvisation, and a variety of consorts and repertoire.  Students may also choose classes in folk, Appalachian, Celtic, Sephardic, and contemporary music as well as options for loud band, singing, baroque flute, pennywhistle, dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, and harp.  

July 2-30 Columbia Baroque Soloists Summer Institute-Playing in the French Manner: Written and Improvised Ornamentation, Columbia, SC: A series of five classes on Monday evenings for recorder and harpsichord players featuring the music of Jacques-Martin Hotteterre, Francois Couperin and Marin Marais.  Classes will focus on performing French music “in good taste” which will include French style and ornamentation.  Recorder players and harpsichordists will have opportunities to play Suites and Dances together in addition to studying solo literature. 

Sept 25-29 Colonial Williamsburg Early Music Festival: Resident musicians with the Governor’s Musick perform and guest artists are featured for performance and lecture in the Historic Area and in the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg.


May 2-7 Indiana Double Reed Workshop: Spanish music from the late 14th century to early 17th century for shawm and dulcian, with sessions  on technique, performance and ensemble practices and reed making. 

June 9-14 Interlochen Early Music Workshop, Michigan: Music for Mary, Queen of Scots is the theme  of this years program. Participants learn, arrange and perform Renaissance music. Director, Mark Cudek.

June 11-15 Univ. of Michigan Harpsichord Workshop on Francois Couperin, Ann Arbor: Edward Parmentier, harpsichord offers performance classes, private lessons and mini-lectures dealing with Francois Couperin’s harpsichord music.

June 11-16 Natural Horn Workshop, Jacobs School of Music, Bloomington, IN: Richard Seraphinoff offers a workshop on the natural horn which includes a daily master class, ensemble session, and lecture.  An informal concert will conclude the workshop. For participants who do not own an instrument, a limited number of horns will be available.

June 17-30 Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute, Oberlin, OH:  Celebrating its 40th anniversary year, BPI offers instruction in baroque instruments, and voice.  Students of all levels participate in master classes and coached ensembles with an international faculty of baroque specialists. 

June 18-22 Univ. of Michigan Summer workshop on Fundamentals of Harpsichord Performance and Repertoire, Ann Arbor: Edward Parmentier presents performance classes, private lessons and mini-lectures dealing with harpsichord performance and repertoire.

June 22-July 15 Indianapolis Early Music Festival: The oldest continually-running early music concert series in the country presents seven great concerts this summer including Seattle Baroque; Ingrid Matthews and Byron Schenkman; Gut, Wind, & Wire with The Catacoustic Consort; East of the River; Vittorio Ghielmi and Luca Pianca; and Hesperus (presenting Robin Hood).

June 23-27 Baroque Trumpet Workshop, Bloomington, IN: Kris Kwapis gives a workshop open to professionals, students, teachers and advanced amateurs interested in the valveless trumpet which will include private lessons, master classes, ensemble sessions, lectures. An informal concert will conclude the workshop. For participants who do not own an instrument, a limited number of trumpets will be available.

June 24-29 Lute Society of America Summer Seminar, Cleveland, OH: The event will feature a distinguished faculty of lute performers, musicological specialists, and vocal coaches, and will be filled with a variety of courses and concerts sure to satisfy lutenists of every interest and at any level of development.

July 7-14 Madison Early Music Festival, Madison, WI: Explore music with North American roots from the early Colonists in the 1600′s, the Revolutionary era, all the way to the Civil War as well as musical discoveries from the library of Thomas Jefferson, the traditions of the New England Singing School of William Billings, and the Moravian Loud Bands. Guest Ensembles include Anonymous 4, Chatham Baroque, The Rose Ensemble, and the Newberry Consort.

Sept 8 1-Day Recorder Workshop, Bloomington, IL: Presented byPortique’s Midwest Recorder Workshop Series, with director Lisette Kielson.

Nov 1-5 Indiana Early Double Reed Workshop: Robert Wiemken and Joan Kimball are the instructors for this workshop for shawm and dulcian.


June 3-9 Texas Toot, Austin: Classes at all levels with instructors including The Flanders Recorder Quartet, Mary Springfels (viol), Tom Zajac (loud band), Becky Baxter (harp), Bruce Brogdon (lute) and Daniel Johnson (voice).


May 18-20 East Bay Recorder Society Marin Headlands Recorder Workshop: Faculty includes David Barnett, Frances Feldon, Greg Ingles, Shira Kammen, Peter Maund, and Fred Palmer.

May 18-20 San Diego Early Music Workshop on Palomar Mountain: Faculty includes Tom Zajac and Josh Lee.

May 19-20 Denver ARS Chapter Mile High Recorder Workshop: Special Guest Director and Instructor Clea Galhano, with Linda Lunbeck, Anne Fjestad Peterson, and Miriam Rosenblum

June 3-10 Berkeley Festival and Exposition: Presented by the San Francisco Early Music Society, Cal Performances, and Early Music America, in association with: American Bach Soloists, Agave Baroque, Chanticleer, Musica Pacifica, New Esterházy Quartet, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, and Voices of Music featuring some of the world’s finest early music performance ensembles.

June 17-23 SFEMS Classical Workshop Week for Strings, Oakland, CA: The inaugural SFEMS Classical Workshop for Strings, with the New Esterházy Quartet is a one-week seminar in classical performance practice. Participants will experience the music of Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven and lesser-known but equally-talented composers and be introduced to period styles of articulating, bowing and phrasing. 

June 17-23 SFEMS Medieval & Renaissance Workshop Week, Rohnert Park, CA: Besides the usual recorder, viol, loud band and voice offerings, the will be classes in harp, lute, crumhorn, Renaissance flute, dulcian, sackbut and hand drums. Participants will also have the opportunity to try some more exotic instruments such as jawharp, bagpipes, pipe and tabor and citole. 

June 24-30 SFEMS Baroque Workshop Week, Rohnert Park, CA:  Focus on Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions from cantata and chorus to concerto; from keyboard solo to chamber ensemble. The workshop week includes master classes and course offerings including orchestra, chorus, oboe band, performance practice and continuo. Faculty and student performances, lecture-demonstrations and a Concerto Evening round out the week. 

July 1-7   Viol Consort Initiative at the USD Summer Chamber Music Festival, San Diego: Participants will work with instructor Lisa Terry in coached consort sessions and master classes, and will participate in daily performance opportunities. In addition, a unique teacher-training course paired with beginning viol classes for young students will be held for an hour each morning in which viol teachers-in-training will be observed and mentored.

July 5-8 American Recorder Society 2012 Festival – The Recorder: Past, Present & Future, Portland, OR: Concerts given by Paul Leenhouts, Cléa Galhano, Vicki Boeckman, Phil and Gayle Neuman, and special guest Verena Wüsthoff. The festival also includes recorder orchestra, ancient Greek music, and teaching methodology with sessions on recorder technique and performance practice, lectures on topics from early notation to American jazz, and coached playing of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, world and contemporary repertoire. 

July 8-21 SFEMS Recorder Workshop, Oakland, CA: Recorder ensembles, technique class, renaissance consort, recorder orchestra, master class, concerts, and lectures explore medieval, renaissance, baroque, contemporary and world music in an intimate setting with world-class faculty. 

July 8-14 Pacific Northwest Viols Workshop, Kenmore, WA: Margriet Tindemans, director, and faculty including Joanna Blendulf, David Morris, Larry Lipnik, Ros Morley lead classes and performances.  This workshop provides opportunities to play consort music with viol players from across the country.

July 9-22 American Bach Soloists Festival & Academy, San Francisco: Offering advanced conservatory-level students and young professionals unique opportunities to study and perform Baroque music in a multi-disciplinary learning environment. In addition the festival offers the Masterworks Series including Bach’s Mass in B Minor, an annual opera production, chamber series by academy aculty, and public lectures and masterclasses.

July 29-Aug 3 SFEMS Music Discovery Workshop Week, Berkeley, CA: A multicultural day camp for children and youths ages 7 to 15 on early music and Renaissance social history. Instruction includes violin, recorder, harpsichord, viola da gamba and cello, chamber music, musicianship classes and Renaissance dance. Crafts, costume-making and games round out the curriculum.

Aug 1-7 Medieval Institute: Chant and Early Polyphony of the Camino de Santiago, Seattle, WA: A workshop on the development of chant and early polyphony, with an emphasis on the repertoire of the now lost Codex Calixtinus, and of the repertoire developed along the Camino de Santiago. Class topics will include vocal and instrumental technique, Gregorian chant, polyphony and the Codex Calixtinus and of the Aquitanian and Notre Dame schools, Alfonso X and the Cantigas de Santa Maria, and Instruments in the Cantigas de Santa Maria.

Aug 3-12 Whidbey Island Music Festival, Freeland WA: Performances with repertoire ranging from Monteverdi to Beethoven, including a program of flute quartets by Mozart, Haydn and their contemporaries, and a concert of Bach’s works for solo instruments. Tekla Cunningham (violin), Janet See (flute), Stephen Stubbs (lute and guitar), Tanya Tomkins (cello), Catherine Webster (soprano) and Laurie Wells (baroque viola).

Aug 3-Sept 1 Recorder Fest, Redding CA: Playing sessions welcome recorder, oboe, bassoon, viols, harpsichord, voice culminating with an informal performance. This event is an opportunity to play two to six-part chamber music of various periods (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque) and styles (classical and folk).

Aug 5-11 Viols West Workshop, San Luis Obispo, CA: Technique and repertoire classes at all levels, faculty concert, lectures and informal classes with Joanna Blendulf, John Dornenburg, Wendy Gillespie, Julie Jeffrey, Lawrence Lipnik, Rosamund Morley, David Morris, and Brent Wissick.

Aug 9-18 Accademia d’Amore, Seattle, WA: Participants have opportunity to work on musical and dramatic aspects of 17th century vocal repertoire with a faculty of world renowned specialists. Topics include movement/gesture classes, baroque dance, group and solo work on operatic scenes as well as private coachings which culminate in two fully staged, public performances.


June 3-16 Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute, Toronto: A comprehensive training program including orchestra and choir rehearsals, masterclasses, opera scene study for singers, chamber ensembles, private lessons, lectures and workshops, classes in baroque dance, and concerts by both participants and faculty.

June 21-24 Montreal Baroque Festival: Four days full of concerts with performers Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal, Ensemble Masques & Andréanne Brisson Paquin, Les Boréades & les Jardins Chorégraphiques, Ensemble Promeo & Joel Gonzalez,  Les Voix Humaines Consort, Benjamin Bagby, Ensemble per Sonare, and more.

July 23-Aug 3 Vancouver Early Music Baroque Vocal Programme: “The Compleat Singer:” Explore and experiment in all aspects of the Baroque singer’s development with faculty Ellen Hargis (voice), Steven Adby (gesture, dance & stage movement), Ray Nurse (course director, vocal coaching, lute, performance practice), Christopher Bagan and Michael Jarvis (coach-accompanist).

July 29-Aug 17 Vancouver Early Music Festival Performances: Faculty members of the Vancouver Early Music Programme Workshops, and guest artists & ensembles perform in concert.

Aug 6-17 Vancouver Early Music Baroque Instrumental Programme: A unique opportunity to explore baroque and classical music and dance – with instruction by leading performers and scholars of this repertoire including Marc Destrubé (violin), Wilbert Hazelzet (transverse flute), Jaap ter Linden (violoncello & viola da gamba), Jacques Ogg (harpsichord & fortepiano) Julie Andrijeski (baroque dance, violin & ensembles).

Continental Europe

June 4-9 Midnight Sun Fortepiano Workshop, Helsinki: Workshop focusing on music of the classical and early romantic era with two fortepiano experts on historical performance, Tuija Hakkila  and David Breitman.

June 6-10 Stockholm Early Music Festival: This year’s delights include Concerto Italiano, Le Poème Harmonique, Cantus Cölln, Elyma and a memorial concert for Gustav Leonhardt.

June 7-17 Bachfest Leipzig: Performers include Marcus Creed, Iestyn Davies, Simone Kermes, Ton Koopman, Rudolf Lutz, Dorothee Mields, Pascal von Wroblewsky,Luca Guglielmi, The English Concert, Bach Collegium Japan, Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment,St. Thomas Choir of Boys and Men NY, Richard Galliano Sextet, and many others.

June 30-July 6 Cantor Regis Hungariae, Pomáz, Hungary: During the course, participants will become acquainted with the chants of the mediaeval Esztergom Rite, as well as the repertoire and performance practices of 15th–16th century Renaissance polyphonic music.

July 8-22 International Early Music Academy, Italy: Participants receive intensive private study and coaching from renowned specialists of the 17th and 18th centuries, meet and perform with students from around the world, and participate in concerts held in the 12th-century Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere, Fossacesia.

July 15-25 La Pellegrina Summerschool Baroque, Czech Republic: For singers, instrumentalists, and baroque dancers, with teachers Enrique Gómez-Cabrero Fernandez, Dirkjan Horringa, Mitchell Sandler, Marco Vitale and Dorothée Wortelboer. This year’s central theme is French Baroque, with a semi-staged final performance of Rameau’s “Indes Galantes.”

Aug 3-12 MAfestival, Bruges: 10 days of early music concerts, plus an international harpsichord and organ competition.

Aug 22-26 International Young Artist’s Presentation, Antwerp: A platform for young, talented ensembles, IYAP offers young vocal and instrumental ensembles playing historical instruments coaching sessions and performances at historical locations in Antwerp during the festival Laus Polyphoniae.

Aug 24-Sept 2 Early Music Festival Utrecht: Advocating the performance of unknown repertoire, as well as music that we think we know. This years’ festival features Bach as one of the main composers, with 120 concerts at 45 historic locations in the old city center of Utrecht.

Aug 24-Sept 2 Laus Polyphoniae 2012 – Mare Adriatico, Antwerp: Artists in residence include Ensemble Daedalus directed by Robert Festa and Ensemble Dialogos directed by Katarina Livljanic. Performances sample music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance such as opulent multi-choral compositions and commedia dell’arte originating in Venice, to Glagolitic songs from Croatia, liturgical repertoire from Albania, Gregorian chants of Slovenian origin and lute music collected along the Adriatic coastline.

United Kingdom

May 18-20 Cambridge Early Music Festival: Performers include The Sixteen, Trio Mediaeval, and I Fagiolini. 

May 18-24 2012 Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music, London: Concerts include performances by Jordi Savall, Harmonie Universelle, Musica ad Rhenum, the Dunedin Consort & Players, Elizabeth Wallfisch, Kimberly Marshall, the Early Opera Company, Ensemble Meridiana, La Serenissima, Adrian Chandler, St. James Baroque, James O’Donnell, Christian Curnyn, Alva, Les Concert des Nations, Andrew Manze, ensemble sav?di, and the Choir of Westminster Abbey. 

May 24-26 Beverley & East Riding Early Music Festival: Concerts feature the ensembles Stile Antico, La Serenissima,  Grand Désir, Red Priest, and lutenist William Carter. Recorder player, Piers Adams will also lead a workshop.

May 25-27 Tilford Bach Festival: Still flourishing in its 60th year, this years festival features the London Handel Players, the London Mozart Players, and the Choir of the Theatre of Early Music, and includes programs of Bach and his contemporaries as well as Mendelssohn who was important in the 19th c. Bach revival.

June 15-Jul 1 The Gregynog Festival, Wales: The oldest classical music festival in Wales, the 2012 season takes Venice as its inspiration.  Performances by The Avison Ensemble, La Venexiana, Accademia Bizantina, Giuliano Carmignola, Jordi Savall & Hespèrion XXI, and Le Concert Spirituel among others.

June 17-20 Galway Early Music Festival, Ireland: Concerts feature Les Musiciens de St Julien highlighting the time when bagpipes became an instrument of the Court; Coracle giving a special look at the transmission of Gaelic harp and bagpipe music; Andrew Lawrence-King playing the rhythmic dance music of Baroque South America; and local award-winning choir Cois Cladaigh singing a program that mixes Thomas Tallis with “Hodge loved Sue.”

June 22-July 1 Stour Music Festival: Performing artists include Andreas Scholl, Iestyn Davies, Michael Chance, Robin Blaze, Brecon Baroque, Ex Cathedra, His Majesty’s Sagbutts & Cornetts, The Hilliard Ensemble and The Gonzaga Band. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the festival, and will be celebrated with a performance of Bach’s Mass in B minor.

July 6-14 York Early Music Festival, York, UK: Guest artists include Hesperion XXI directed by Jordi Savall, Florilegium directed by Ashley Solomon joining forces with the Arakaendar Bolivia Choir, The Sixteen directed by Harry Christophers and Gallicantus performing with lutenist Elizabeth Kenny. Highlights include Robert Hollingworth’s I Fagiolini presenting their award-winning production of Alessandro Striggio’s Mass in 40 parts.

July 31-Aug 4 Brecon Baroque Summer Course: A course for undergraduate & post-graduate students given by violinist Rachel Podger and cellist Alison McGillivray culminating in a concert featuring some of the solo violin concertos from Vivaldi’s opus 8, Il Cimento dell’ Armonia e dell’ Invenzione (1725)  as well as JS Bach’s The Art of Fugue.

Aug 5-12 Baroque Music Summer School, Cambridge: Technique workshops, choral and orchestral sessions for large-scale works, and one-to-a-part chamber music exploring the music of the Dresden Court, with choral and instrumental works by Schütz, Hasse, Lotti and Fasch. Peter Holman (continuo), Judy Tarling (upper strings), Mark Caudle (lower strings), Gail Hennessy (woodwind), Philip Thorby (singers).

Aug 12-18 Renaissance Music Summer School, Cambridge: Music for the d’Este Dynasty, and song, dance, sacred music and instrumental music from 16th c. Italy including works by Josquin,  Vecchi, Rore and Wert. Faculty include Philip Thorby (singers, large ensembles), David Hatcher (viols, dance), Jacob Heringman (lutes), Emma Murphy (recorders), and Nicholas Perry (wind and brass).

Aug 14-19 The Chalemie Summer School: Leading specialists direct a series of workshops on 17th/18th century music, song, dance, commedia and costume making, with a particular emphasis on the English repertoire of this period. The relationship between music and movement, along with the expression of music in physical form, is intended to help both dancers and musicians to improve their performances. 


Janelle Davis

Janelle Davis is a violinist and performer with period instrument ensembles throughout the United States. She is currently a candidate for the Doctor of Music degree from Indiana University, Bloomington where she specializes in early music.

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