Parents and Teachers

The Friday Zone Curriculum Guide

We encourage parents and teachers to share The Friday Zone with the children in their lives.  As an alternative to main-stream programming, The Friday Zone offers a safe media experience that encourages kids to investigate and understand the world around them.  In addition to a foundation built on Indiana’s core curriculum for students age 6 – 9, The Friday Zone also showcases strong social values and the importance of the individual’s role in a community.


The Friday Zone is being employed in the classroom by teachers in schools across Indiana.  Specific segments from the show can then be used as jumping-off points for further discussion, a more in-depth lesson, or a complex individual or group activity.  Full episodes and topic-specific segments are available here on our website.


The Friday Zone’s 160-page curriculum guide with accompanying DVD of segments is now available FREE to all K-2 teachers in Indiana.   Simply contact us at to request a copy for your classroom, or multiple copies for your school or district. If you prefer an electronic copy or wish to preview the guide before requesting a printed copy, you may download each section in PDF format here: