• Big Red II Supercomputer

    With a theoretical peak performance (Rpeak) of one thousand trillion floating-point operations per second (1 petaFLOPS) and a maximal achieved performance (Rmax) of 596.4 teraFLOPS, Big Red II is among the world's fastest research supercomputers.

  • Mystic Timbers at Kings Island

    We visit Kings Island to check out their latest roller coaster Mystic Timbers, learn about air-time, and find out "what's in the shed." Sorry, we can't share the secret!

  • Car Seat Crash Test

    This Friday Zone Investigation takes us to Columbus, Indiana's Dorel Juvenile Group, the world's largest car seat manufacturer. See how a car seat is assembled and then watch the action of their on-site testing facility.

  • Spangler Candy

    Spangler Candy in Bryan, OH is where over twelve million Dum-Dum lollipops are made every day!

  • Frankenstein's Castle at Indiana Beach

    The Friday Zone goes on a behind-the-scenes tour of Frankenstein's Haunted Castle at Indiana Beach. See some of the tricks that make this award-winning walk-through haunt one of the best in the nation.

  • Ozark Fisheries

    Ever wonder where goldfish come from? If you're in North America, chances are they came from Ozark Fisheries in Martinsville, Indiana!

  • Indiana Ice Studio

    We visit Indiana Ice Studio to see the entire process of creating an ice sculpture. From water to completed cornucopia, this is really cool!

  • Mike-Sell's Puffcorn Delites

    We investigate how cheese puffs are made with a behind-the-scenes tour of a Mike-Sell's plant in Indianapolis, IN.

  • Not Just Popcorn

    We investigate how flavored popcorn is made with a behind-the-scenes tour of Not Just Popcorn in Edinburgh, IN.

  • Honda Civic Assembly Plant

    We investigate how a car is put together with a behind-the-scenes tour of Honda Manufacturing in Greensburg, Indiana.

  • The Republic Printing Press

    We investigate the printing process with a behind-the-scenes tour of The Republic Newspaper in Columbus, IN.

  • Textillery Weavers

    We investigate how a woven rug is made in this visit to Textillery Weavers in Bloomington, IN. Find out about hand weaving, mechanical looms, and more!