Feel Good Felix

  • Don't Put Your Fingers In Your Mouth

    Being a polite eater isn't just a matter of manners, it can keep you healthy, too!

  • Kids With Asthma

    Felix's friend had an asthma attack. It can be scary to have an asthma attack, but most kids are ready with medicine to help.

  • How Scabs Work

    Look underneath a scab and see what your body is doing underneath. There's a lot of work going on to make repairs, so remember not to pick your scabs!

  • Dietary Fiber and Poop

    Felix finds out how fiber helps clean our insides and what foods can help make our poops healthier!

  • All About Blood

    How much blood is inside you? What does blood do? Learn along with Felix!

  • Stomach Growling Explained

    What makes your stomach growl? It might not be what you expect!

  • Wash Your Veggies!

    Felix learns about bacteria and germs and how they are possibly on fruits and vegetables! Find out how to wash them away and stay safe and healthy.